Graduation Year



The following pages are divided into three parts.
The first part is a survey of research studies which have
been done concerning the effeets of hospitalization upon the child. These studies are arranged in order of publication--from the first study published in 1945 to the last one, which was published in 1968. A conclusion follows the individual reports of these studies.
The second part or the paper consists of a small-scale study whlch I conducted myself. It was done for personal interest and does not strictly follow research
teehniques. See Appendix I for the prooedure used.
Analyses by Dr. Pape and Dr . 8edarat (both I. W. U. professors)
are lncluded. My own table of observations is also included.
I did not attempt to evaluate these groupings I found because
I think most of them are self-explanatory and I have had no
background in such analyzing.
The last part consists of reoommendations which I feel are based on the facts learned from the research I did for this project.



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