Cindy Gendrich


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This interview subject is affiliated with IWU and/or President Myers in the following ways: Class of 1984; Visiting Assistant Professor, 1996-1998


Gendrich shared an interest with Myers in 18th century etiquette books and shares insights into why Myers collected them. She directs Wake Forest University's Performance and the Liberal Arts Center and discusses how she and Myers shared an understanding of the need for education to encompass a knowledge about the world around a particular discipline. Myers loaned her about ten of his books for her dissertation and she describes that encounter and the way some of Myers' books were shelved in his home. Gendrich characterizes Myers as a "walking around president" and reflects on the qualities of presidents.

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books, silverware, intellectual curiosity, food, multi-talented individuals, eBay, book loans, dinner, personal characteristics, leadership, Portrait of a Collector, Alumni


United States History

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