Pseudonym Required


Pseudonym Required's Mission

To provide Illinois Wesleyan students with opportunities that will help them develop as creative writers.

Submission Guidelines

You must be a current Illinois Wesleyan student.

You must provide your real name and a valid email address when submitting your work for review. This is simply so our editors know who to contact in the event that your piece is published. Please remove any obvious references to yourself from your work before submitting it so that you will remain anonymous to our editors. Please do not submit pieces longer than 5000 words. We want to ensure that all of the pieces we receive will get equal attention from our editors. You are welcome to submit a segment of a longer work, but please include a short summary of the information the editors will need to understand the piece.

Submission deadlines will be at 12AM on Wednesday mornings of every other week. (We will also post reminders about our deadlines on our blog. If you submit a piece after that time, it will automatically be included in the next submission group.

Due to the nature of the process of publication, it must be clarified that the author retains all rights to any works submitted to Pseudonym Required. The only exception to this is that the authors give permission for their works to be displayed in the online journal. Even if we publish your piece, we cannot and will not allow any other source to use your piece without getting your permission directly. You are also welcome to submit your work to other journals or publications at your discretion.