Most Recent Additions


Anxiety Sensitivity, Stress, and Problematic Drinking Behaviors among College Students
Kathryn Bulandr '15 and Marie Nebel-Schwalm, Faculty Advisor


A Novel Peptide Inhibitor of the Polymerization of Deoxygenated Sickle Cell Hemoglobin
Timothy Broederdorf '15 and Brian Brennan, Faculty Advisor


Good Dog! Applications of Dog Science
Jeffrey Toraason '15; Brenden Wall '15; Anthony Bohner '15; and Ellen Furlong, Faculty Advisor


Do Dogs Possess Self-Control?
Stephanie AuBuchon '16; Jessica Kraut '16; and Ellen Furlong, Facutly Advisor


A Comparative Study of Eggshell Pore Morphology of Palaeognath Birds
Meaghan Mormann '16; Jennifer Altman '16; Tess Kelley, '16; Given Harper, Faculty Advisor; and William Jaeckle, Faculty Advisor


Vanadium Substituted Polyoxometalates
Jennifer Bjorklund '15; Samuel Kim '17; and Rebecca Roesner, Faculty Advisor


Do Dogs Experience Cognitive Dissonance?
Ethan Fischer '15; Samuel Aronson '15; Natalie Weimer '16; Jessica Omark '16; Jeffrey Toraason '15; and Ellen Furlong, Faculty Advisor


Designing Optical Traps from the Bottom Up
Toan H. Le '17; Joseph Richards '16; George W. Alex '16; and Gabriel Spalding, Faculty Advisor


Effects of Education, Social Norms, and Green Identity: Behavioral Intent to Compost
Jennifer Merrill '15; Lauren Streblo '15; Amy Seter '15; and Linda Kunce, Faculty Advisor


Levels of Empathy in Healthcare Profession Students
Ashley Tegge '15 and Noel Kerr, Faculty Advisor


Let’s Talk about Sex: Promiscuity, Social Critique, and Tragedy in La Celestina
Nathaniel Douglas '15 and Carolyn Nadeau, Faculty Advisor


Price Determinants of Sulfur Dioxide Market
Randy N. Azuogu '15 and Craig Broadbent, Faculty Advisor

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