Homecoming Awards Luncheon (video only)

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Transferred from SVHS Spring 2018.


This event took place in the Shirk Center on October 14, 2000. The recording contains an introduction by Jack Kinder '50, who recognizes former Coach Jack Horenberger; Chaplain Dennis Groh '61 provides the invocation. This is followed by the signing of the Alma Wesleyana and Kinder recognizing the milestone class years and alumni award winners: School of Nursing Distinguished Alumna Andrea Maushard-Clark '89, Young Alumnus David Smith '90, Loyalty Award C. Robert Berg '65, and Distinguished Alumnus Stanley R. Baker '66. Kinder then announces the Silver Bowl awards: Highest participation 1928, Highest number of donors 1973, and Highest amount of gifts 1932. Kinder then recognizes Chuck and Joyce Ames for the second year of their three year commitment to match gifts. President Myers closes the event with remarks recognizing all alumni for their contributions and commitments to IWU and making special note of the two people in the Class of 1928 and of Linda Fischer Henderson, Class of 1970.


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