12th Student Art Purchase Award: Railyards, Street Tenements I & II, and Urban Wilderness

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12th University Library Student Art Purchase Award 2007


A set of four paintings of people with undefined facial features were this year's selection. The one linked here, Railyards, shows two females, one has her hand above shoulder height and is grasping an object that may be a bar on a railcar door; she is bareheaded and her hair is parted in the middle; the other figure wears a babushka. Titles and links for the other three are:

Street Tenement I (https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/collection/iwu_art/id/1194/rec/1) shows three males in overcoats wearing scarves and newsboy caps; there are bangs visible on the forehead of the figure in the center.

Street Tenement II (https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/collection/iwu_art/id/1218/rec/4) shows males in newsboy caps, the one in the foreground is wearing a bright blue shirt and dark bib overalls and has bangs visible on the forehead.

Urban Wilderness (https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/collection/iwu_art/id/1202/rec/3) shows a man in blue overcoat, white shirt and newsboy cap and he is peering around a wall or pillar-like structure.


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