9th Student Art Purchase Award: Mini Snake Charmer, Pattern, and Space Monkey with Hat

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9th University Library Student Art Purchase Award 2004


A set of three prints were this year's selection. The one linked here, Mini Snake Charmer, shows an antlered deer looking up at charmed snake inside purple heart; green and burnt orange decorative, postcard-like curvy "frame" around heart. (#1/4). The other two are:

Pattern (https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/collection/iwu_art/id/1016/rec/2) Color print with 16 obtuse triangles arranged into an eight-pointed star; purple hearts at four corners of star; yellow and purple tear drops at top and bottom points of star; orange background and purple printed "frame" around image; (#1 of 6).

Space Monkey with Hat (https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/collection/iwu_art/id/998/rec/1) Monkey with round helmet floating in space; yellow stars and moons on blue background; decorative, purple and yellow-striped "frame" around edge of print. (#1 of 5).


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