7th Student Art Purchase Award: Blowfish, Flower Story, and Forgotten


7th University Library Student Art Purchase Award 2002


A set of three monoprints were this year's selection. The one linked here, Blowfish, shows a green blowfish against brown, grassy mass on yellow background, surrounded by red bubbles; red, outlined nails extending downward from upper right and upward from lower left of print. Titles and links for the other two are:

Flower Story (https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/collection/iwu_art/id/1022/rec/2) shows black, green and yellow print of flowers, onions and girl resting chin on left arm; papered layers with reverse calligraphy in background.

Forgotten (https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/collection/iwu_art/id/999/rec/1) wine-colored fairy in lower left; background is filled with four pairs of wine-colored fairy wings and several leaves with three-petals; framed by green rectangle border.


Higher Education | Printmaking