16th Student Art Purchase Award: Fast Monster, Hallucinogenic Imposter, and Star Imposter

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16th University Library Student Art Purchase Award 2011


A set of three prints were this year's selection. The one linked here, Fast Monster, shows a large fly and insects on light gray background with white shrimp-like creatures in repeating pattern. The other two are:

Hallucinogenic Imposter (https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/collection/iwu_art/id/1175/rec/2) shows three human-like figures, one with blue veil over face, two with daisy-like flower for head; left border has flower-like designs, to the right of that is a female figure with full face but upside down, wearing a high-bodiced gown or robe; upper right has a series of dots and lines that are suggestive of a face; rest of background has abstract line designs. The other two are Star Imposter and Fast Monster.

Star Imposter (https://collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/collection/iwu_art/id/1173/rec/1) shows a female in elaborate gown and wearing a helmet stands on left, right arm bent at elbow, parellel with the ground, palm up and hand resting on a pedastal. A winged figure stands on her hand, facing away from the viewer. At the bottom of the work on a black background is Poseidan with staff gazing at constellation; black mass with image of Roman or Greek soldier holding trident and four horses along bottom.


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