26th Student Art Purchase Award: Self Portraits

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Three students received the 26th University Library Student Art Purchase Award 2022.


The works are three-dimensional silhouettes of each artist. They described their works as follows:

Caroline Abenroth, Class of 2022, explains that as “a neuroscience major…I have an inherent passion for learning about and understanding the brain, but I also have a passion for art. Ultimately, I wanted to find a way to combine the two, and this was the result: a head made out of glass filled with an abstract and over-simplified rendition of neurons.”

Julie Palczynski, Class of 2023, titles her work “mental block” and says it “is about my struggles with mental health and the impact it has on my ability to be creative.”

Eren Ekinci, Class of 2024, states that “In this piece, I tried to express the chaos and serenity in our minds. The juxtaposition of these emotions resembles the instability of one’s. Most of us are going through different emotions in a day, and we might not realize how much it affects both physically and mentally. I built this piece as a reminder to myself and people like me to remember to take a step back and just breathe. Then, look at the blue sky upon us, hear the birds scream and let the wind blow over your face.”


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