Kicking the Habit (of Resistance to Digital Preservation)

Meg Miner, Illinois Wesleyan University

This is a post-print provided by the MAC Newsletter, a publication of Midwest Archives Conference (, Paul Eisloeffel, editor.


This article makes the case that starting a digital preservation (DP) program is a lot like kicking bad habits. We all know we need to do it, but our lack of confidence and fear of the unknown hold us back. We want someone to deliver a quick and easy solution—a magic pill, even—to take our troubles away. Unless an institution can commit to ongoing costs associated with a full-service digital preservation platform or to the technical knowledge and support needed for robust, open source tools, many archivists will need to develop a DP program gradually. If you are facing the forces of fear and inertia in getting a DP program going in your institution, take advantage of the processes outlined in this article.