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Our neighborhoods, Olde Towne and Gridley, Allin and Prickett (GAP), are long-established areas of Bloomington located directly west of downtown along Market Street. Our area is home to historic housing and long-standing churches, social service agencies and small businesses. In 2007, community and business organizations representing the public, private and nonprofit sectors started discussing the challenges confronting GAP and Olde Towne and the steps that could be taken to revitalize our community. This area was chosen as a target of study for a variety of reasons. First, the City’s Comprehensive Plan identified the Westside as an area of concern and one in need of intervention. Second, a number of organizations had highlighted the real need to provide assistance and support to these neighborhoods. Third and finally, this area faces many unique challenges compared to the rest of the city. As these conversations evolved into a more formal process, we realized that we must channel our energy into action to realize positive change. We formed the West Bloomington Task Force and hired a consultant, Teska Associates, Inc. to facilitate a planning process to achieve comprehensive community development.