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Marianne Hart presented the annual alumni award to Dr. Bert Hempstead for his fine record and for the honor he has brought Wesleyan. Dr. Hempstead was presented with a picture of Old North, where he at one time operated the college printing press. After graduating from Wesleyan, Dr. Hempstead attended the University of Michigan medical school. He did two years of intern work in Duluth. He established practice in Miles City, Montana, where he became interested in special work. He went to the Mayo Clinic in the department of ear, nose and throat where he remained for 30 years. He retired from active practice in January of this year. During the years he was at Mayos, Dr. Hempstead read many papers before medical bodies as representative of the clinic. He was known for his work all over the United States. Alumni who have had occasion to visit the clinic have discovered in what high esteem he was held by other physicians.