A New Species of Phrynopus (Anura: Leptodactylidae) from the Eastern Andean Slopes of Central Peru


A new species of leptodactylid frog, genus Phrynopus, is described from a Polylepis- forest of the eastern Andean slopes of central Peru (Departamento de Huánuco) between 3420 and 3430 m above sea level. The new species is assigned to the Phrynopus peruanus group and differs from all known species of the genus by having ventral surfaces of arms (except hands), legs (except feet), venter, chest and groin mainly red, and remaining dorsal, lateral and ventral surfaces of body with reticulated pattern and structure of slightly elevated brown to greenish blotches surrounded by cream to yellow lines. The new species occurs sympatrically with Phrynopus horstpauli and Gastrotheca griswoldi. Males of the new species are unknown.


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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