A New Andean Species of the Hypsiboas Pulchellus Group: Adults, Calls, and Phylogenetic Relationships

Publication Date

January 2010


We describe a new species of the Hypsiboas pulchellus Group from the eastern Andes of central Peru (Region Pasco). Calls of both H. melanopleura and the new species are described. The new species is more similar to H. melanopleura and H. palaestes but differs in morphological characters and in coloration pattern. The new species and H. melanopleura are included in a molecular phylogenetic analysis of the H. pulchellus Group that shows them to be sister species and forming a second, independent, Andean clade within the group. New collecting sites for H. melanopleura are provided with the first record in the Region of Junin and the distribution of H. melanopleura, H. palaestes, and the new species is illustrated in a map.


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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