Undergraduate Research and the Academic Librarian: Case Studies and Best Practices

Undergraduate Research and the Academic Librarian: Case Studies and Best Practices


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Undergraduate research is often conflated with standard end-of-semester research papers, featuring APA style bibliographies and a certain number of sources. But in fact, undergraduate research is one of several high-impact educational practices identified by George Kuh and the Association of American Colleges & Universities, and is increasingly seen as a vital part of the undergraduate experience. Research helps students connect the dots between their interests, general education courses, writing requirements, and major coursework, and increases learning, retention, enrollment in graduate education, and engagement in future work.

In 25 chapters featuring 60 expert contributors, Undergraduate Research and the Academic Librarian examines how the structures that undergird undergraduate research, such as the library, can become part of the core infrastructure of the undergraduate experience. It explores the strategic new services and cross-departmental collaborations academic libraries are creating to support research: publishing services, such as institutional repositories and undergraduate research journals; data services; copyright services; poster printing and design; specialized space; digital scholarship services; awards; and much more. These programs can be from any discipline, can be interdisciplinary, can be any high-impact format, and can reflect upon an institution’s own history, traditions, and tensions.

As higher education becomes more competitive—for dollars, for students, for grant money, for resources in general—institutions will need to increase their development of programs that provide the experiential and deep learning, and increased engagement, that research provides. The scholarly and extracurricular experiences of college are increasingly becoming a major part of marketing college education. Beyond the one-shot, beyond course-integrated instruction, Undergraduate Research and the Academic Librarian is a detailed guide to how librarians can help students go beyond a foundation of information literacy toward advanced research and information management skills.

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This book will be open access in November 2018.

Table of Contents


Foreword. Adding Value to the Undergraduate Research Experience George D. Kuh, Ph.D. Introduction

Chapter 1. Beyond Embedded Librarianship: Co-Teaching with Faculty to Integrate Digital Scholarship in Undergraduate Research
Sarah Clayton and Jeffrey M. Widener

Chapter 2. The Cooperation of Many Minds: Cultivating the Undergraduate Researcher in the Humanities and Social Sciences through Team-Based Curricular Design
Susette Newberry

Chapter 3. A Triumph, a Fail, and a Question: A Pilot Approach to Student-Faculty-Librarian Research Collaboration
Missy Roser and Sara Smith

Chapter 4. Framing Information Literacy as Scholarly Practice with Undergraduate Student Journals: A Grassroots Approach
Deena Yanofsky, Michael David Miller, and Urooj Nizami

Chapter 5. Building Relationships, Advancing Services: Piloting Open Conference Systems with the Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference
Shayna Pekala and Jane Rogan

Chapter 6. Doing the Honors: Designing a Curriculum for a Year-Long Thesis Project
Amanda Piekart-Primiano, Matthew Regan, and Lily Sacharow

Chapter 7. Dreaming Big: Library-led Digital Scholarship for Undergraduates at a Small Institution
Janelle Wertzberger and R.C. Miessler

Chapter 8. Engaging in the Undergraduate Researcher Writers’ Process: Creating a Thesis Writers’ Bootcamp
Katie Harding and Lora Leligdon

Chapter 9. Engaging Our Student Partners: Student Leadership in a Library-Initiated Experiential Learning Project
Michelle Reed, Philip Duncan, and Germaine Halegoua

Chapter 10. Freshman Framework: Collaboratively Developing a Set of Required Instructional Modules for Freshman Research Scholars
Matt Upson, Tim O’Neil, and Cristina Colquhoun

Chapter 11. From the Archives to the Institutional Repository: A Collaborative Approach to Research and Publishing for Undergraduate Creative Writers
Brandon T. Pieczko and Laura MacLeod Mulligan

Chapter 12. Harnessing the Winds: Collaboration and the Aeolus Undergraduate Research Journal
Alyson Gamble, Amelia Kallaher, Neal Lacey, Alexandra Maass, Caitlyn Ralph, Tyrone Ryba, and Mai Tanaka

Chapter 13. Image of Research: Celebrating and Sharing Undergraduate Work
Michelle Reed and Merinda Kaye Hensley

Chapter 14. Impact Outside the Classroom: Preparing Undergraduate Researchers for Success
Lisa Becksford, Kyrille Goldbeck DeBose, and Carolyn Meier

Chapter 15. Informal Learning Teams and the Digital Humanities: A Case Study of Faculty/Librarian Collaboration
Lora L. Smallman and Jessica DeSpain

Chapter 16. Landscape Architecture, Embedded Librarianship, and Innovation with Special Collections: Historic Landscapes Research with Primary Sources by University of Arkansas Undergraduates
Joshua C. Youngblood

Chapter 17. Mentoring a Peer: A Feminist Ethic for Directing Undergraduate Humanities Research
Amy Hildreth Chen and Kathryn Ross

Chapter 18. Re-imagining Furman Engaged: Transformation through a Library Partnership
Andrea M. Wright and John G. Kaup

Chapter 19 Connecting Students to the Research Lifecycle and to Each Other: Planning an Event to Support Undergraduate Journal Publishing
Heather Buchansky and Graeme Slaght

Chapter 20. Reward Research, Benefit All: The Case of the Library Undergraduate Research Award at Kennesaw State University
Ariel Turner and Aajay Murphy

Chapter 21. Sharing Student Research: Student Colloquia at University of South Florida St. Petersburg
Camielle Crampsie and Kaya van Beynen

Chapter 22. Teaching Integrity in Empirical Economics: The Pedagogy of Reproducible Science in Undergraduate Education
Norm Medeiros and Richard J. Ball

Chapter 23. The Honors Colloquium at QCC: A Decade of Excellence
Dale LaBonte, Denise Cross, Fyiane Nsilo-Swai, Matt Bejune, Susan McPherson, and Tiger Swan

Chapter 24. Transcribing Women’s Diaries in the Digital World
Elizabeth A. Novara and Jessica Enoch

Chapter 25. Undergraduate Research in the Archives: A Case Study of Collaborative Teaching and Dissemination of Aerospace History
Tracy B. Grimm

Undergraduate Research and the Academic Librarian: Case Studies and Best Practices
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