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This work is not listed among the Special Departmental Honors projects in the 2004 Commencement program. It is included here because it was transferred to the archives with other Honors works for this date.


The Director of Alumni Relations at a small, liberal-arts university in the Midwest approached a university marketing professor about investigating student attitudes and intentions regarding future alumni activity. Information collected from preliminary focus groups helped in the creation of a attitudes and intentions survey given to 322 students. Results showed that students seemed knowledgeable about the fundraising needs of the university, but lacked sophistication about these needs. A targeted marketing campaign aimed at improving students' level of sophistication shows great potential for altering the apathetic attitudes some students have about donating back to their alma mater. Due to the lack of relevant literature on the topic and the serious need for increased funds at all universities, these results may aid university management in increasing finances from alumni.



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