Publication Date

Summer 2003


An e-mail from CC precedes the report. Note: The endnotes reference an Appendix A that could not be located with the original report on IWU's website on upload in 2009. The Univeristy Archives also lacks a copy.


The Curriculum Council appointed the Gateway Assessment Task Force (GATF) in the Spring of 2002 with the charge of “designing and executing a comprehensive assessment of Gateway, and making recommendations to Academic Standards based on the results.” The GATF was instructed to assess Gateway as a whole, emphasizing the program’s primary goal of developing effective writing skills while not ignoring Gateway’s other roles such as fostering critical thinking and introducing students to the university intellectual culture. Academic Standards selected members of the committee from among the faculty and student body in the Spring of 2002, and the group began its work in the Summer of 2002. The group met regularly for the entire 2002-2003 academic year to plan and implement the assessment.


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research