Constructing the Past


James sat through approximately 33 months of Parliament during his twenty-two year reign in England (r.1603-1625). His first Parliament, which was also his longest, convened on 19 March 1604 and lasted through five sessions until 1610. His second Parliament lasted only three months (5 April 1614 – 7 June 1614) and was dubbed the Addled Parliament because no new legislation was passed. James did not call another Parliament until 1621. The seven-year absence was England’s longest since 1515. The Parliament of 1621 lasted from 30 January to 18 December. James dissolved each of these Parliaments in anger—he was frustrated with Parliament for not granting him adequate supply and, in 1621, for meddling in foreign affairs and other matters he believed were not within their jurisdiction. His final Parliament, which he convened in 1624, lasted from 19 February to 29 May and was dissolved at the King’s death on 27 March 1625.