Publication Date

Fall 2011


The following additional data are available through the Associate Dean of Curriculum's office: the Reviewers' descriptions, the External Program Review Report, the departmental response and follow up.


The 469 page pdf available for download at the right includes the department's original report and the following Appendices
Appendix A. MCLL Department Assessment Plan (Fall 2010), MCLL Assessment Portfolio (June 2011), German Studies Textbook Assessment (Fall 2011)
Appendix B. MCLL course contributions to General Education and International Studies
Appendix C. Enrollment data in all MCLL department courses since 2000
Appendix D. The Chinese External Evaluator’s Report – DOE grant (Fall 2010)
Appendix E. IWU Language Resource Center Report and Proposal (May 2008)
Appendix F. List of MCLL invited speakers/guests
Appendix G. Current c.v.s of all faculty and staff
Appendix H. Syllabi of courses typically taught in MCLL

The department also submitted a copy of the IWU Catalog, which has not been added to the copy held here.


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