The Illinois Wesleyan Intelligence Network on Knowledge (I.W.I.N.K.) is a project to design and implement an artificial"person'" named Shelley. Robotics, networking, and artificial intelligence will be the main topics ofthe preliminary work. For my research honors project I designed the three-dimensional coordinate system in which the robotic arms move and interact with objects. The anns we have constructed are based on an arrangement of six servos, each of which rotate approximately 185 degrees. The program takes in data about the location of an object in three-dimensional coordinates and moves each of the six motors in the ann to arrive at that point.Included in this work is a look at robotic arm developments through history, from Leonardo da Vinci through the Industrial Revolution, and beyond. Also discussed are the various joint and arm designs developed during these years of research and some robotics projects which employ these different designs. Next, we will investigate the various methods of control developed by other robotic arm research projects and apply one particular method to control Shelley, as briefly outlined above. Finally, we will highlight problems we faced during the implementation of this program, the solutions to these problems, and various ideas about future research possibilities.