Graduation Year



This PDF is the abstract only, as the University Archives does not currently possess the full paper.


In order to choose courses both efficiently and properly, a student and advisor must look at which courses have been taken, and also which ones are necessary. They must then determine whether or not the student is qualified to take the necessary courses. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to record and maintain this work so that it may be used throughout the college career.
Hence, even though the student and advisor recently determined which classes were headed, they must once again look up all relevant information and determine which courses are best. This is exactly the type of problem that a computer can solve. However, in order to properly design a software application, various aspects of the situation must be extensively researched.

First, the solution presents a quandary in terms of the system design. The language that is best suited to this type of application must be determined. Secondly, in order to be useful, the user interface must be well constructed. People do not like software that is not user friendly, so to make this a worthwhile software application, the interface must be both intuitive and
accommodating. Finally, different development platforms must be considered in order to properly solve the problem. If the previously mentioned items are properly devised and documented, the actual construction of the software should not be difficult. Other points to consider are testing documentation,
unit and system testing, code reviews, scheduling, and graphic user interface design.


Computer Sciences