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The present document grew out of discussions between the Council for University Programs and Policies (CUPP) and the central administration which occurred in the spring of 2003. At that time, it became clear that there were significant differences of opinion between CUPP and the administration regarding the proper role of CUPP in faculty governance. More specifically, CUPP felt that it had the constitutional authority to engage in certain activities and the administration felt that it did not. At that time, CUPP decided to produce a White Paper as a means of more clearly defining its role. The resulting paper grew out of more than a year of discussions within CUPP, with other faculty, and with the administration.

The purpose of this white paper is threefold. First, the paper seeks to clarify the role of CUPP as expressed in the Faculty Constitution. Second, the paper sets forth a set of principles that should serve as a guide for CUPP activities. Finally, the paper contains an operational handbook intended to serve as a day-to-day guide for CUPP activities.


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