Robert Eckley's Decennial

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Transferred from cassette Spring 2018.


A 10th anniversary commemoration of the school and president during the Bertholf years that sounds like it accompanied a visual presentation. Eckly was the first IWU president who hadn't been a minister or from an educational institution; he was an economist with a business background; he had family members who were IWU alumni.

Notable events in his tenure are the new library opening (later named Sheean), Mrs E.M. Evelyn Evans' donation for the observatory, the visit by Astronaut Frank Borman, recognition with the John Wesley Powell stamp, the re-evaluation of IWU in 1970, building and dedicating the Fine Arts Center with descriptions of exhibitions held there.

Also noted are the redesign of the Quad, which included closing University Street and was designed by Nelva Summataro, the completion of the 1972 Liberal Arts Professional Model of Undergraduate Education accreditation review, the speakers' fund by former Speech faculty member E. Melba Kirkpatrick, the 125th Anniversary and the U.S. Bicentennial celebrations, the acquisition of the Les Arends Congressional Collection, the remodeling of Buck Library, distinguished visitors, former Vice President Hubert Humphrey for the Stevenson Lecture series visitors, the 1970 ISU-IWU game, the Jack Sikma years, women's athletics, and fundraising achievements.


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