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Spring 4-20-2012

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This investigation uses meta-analysis to explore the systematic variation across Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) studies to better understand the specific factors that affect the relationship between economic growth and environmental quality. Meta-analysis is the statistical synthesis of data from a set of comparable studies yielding a quantitative summary of pooled results. Following the findings of Li et al., (2007) a multinomial logit model is employed to analyze 929 observations from 120 different studies published between 1992 and 2012. Results indicate that seven variables (time, quality, emissions, development, fitness, anthropogenic-related gases, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide) significantly affect the presence of the EKC. There is no statistically significant evidence indicating an increased or decreased probability of finding an EKC from the number of observations, panel data, global aspect, reverse publication date, GDP measures, chemically active gases, biologically related gases, nitrogen oxide, and air pollution.


Economics | Environmental Sciences