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Spring 2021

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The author requested that this work be embargoed until February 9, 2022.

Advisor: Michael Seeborg

Committee Members: David Marvin, Phillip Oberg, James Plath

Special Thanks: Brian Udovich (Film Producer), James Shapiro (Entertainment Industry Executive)


This research examines the correlation between box office revenue and films with female protagonists and films that pass the Bechdel Test. I extracted data from Box Office Mojo and for 1186 movies between 1995 to 2018 on several characteristics including the gender of the film’s protagonist, the presence of non-sexist dialogue (Bechdel Test), the genre of the movie, and the film’s box office revenue and budget. I created four OLS regression equations in SPSS and two logistic regression models in STATA to test my hypotheses. I found that having a female protagonist and passing the Bechdel Test are highly significant predictors of domestic box office revenue, increasing film revenue by nearly $15 million by having a female protagonist and nearly $23 million by passing the Bechdel Test.



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