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Educational attainment is a topic that has been discussed in both economics and sociology. Economic research has focused on the importance of socioeconomic factors, mainly race/ ethnic origins and poverty status (Wolfe, 1973; Hoffman, 1987; Krein & Beller, 1988; Kominski, 1990; Courtless, 1991). Research in sociology has also dealt with other important factors such as attitudes and influences of significant others (Sewell, 1971; Featherman, 1972; Hauser, 1973; Featherman, 1980; Velez, 1986). Little has been done to incorporate both types of research.While sociological research took important factors into account such as attitudes, many of the initial models were constructed for studying whites. My research will predict educational attainment more accurately by integrating the models from both areas. It also tests to determine if the model predicts differently for four prominent popUlation groups--whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians.



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