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Landfall, Part 1, consists of the first nine chapters of a much longer story (thirty-three chapters in all) that is a prequel to Garamoush, a novel I have published through Amazon in both eBook and physical format. Landfall tells the story of a near-sighted man named William and his infertile wife, Orla living in the city of Harbiton. Despite being a fantasy novel, the narrative closely follows William and Orla's attempts to feed themselves and avoid being entangled in the war that their country is currently in. Alistair Steinholt, the soon-to-be lord of Harbiton soon attempts to contract William to work for him, which forces William to start choosing between morality and practicality. However, while plot and characters are important, what I have conceptually undertaken with Landfall is just as important to me. A lifelong devotee of the fantasy genre, I have strived to make an novel that belongs to that genre while instilling in the genre a much greater sense of realism-in effect, creating a hybrid of fantasy and realism. While I am not the only author to have taken on such a quest-George R. R. Martin is one of the greatest contemporary authors to have done so recently-my work, too, does this. Here, I will show how I make my hybrid by offering the contours of the fantasy genre and discussing how that genre does not adhere to the dictates of realism, which, for me, is largely defined by subjectivty, complexity, and uncertainty. And then I will demonstrate how Landfall offers an engaging, and in some particular ways unique, blend of fantasy and realism.


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