Blue Life

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[Archives staff derived this excerpt from the author’s Preface.] I’ve heard the question “your dad’s a cop?” more times than I can count….So, this play is about the police. It’s about my family; for me, the two are hopelessly intertwined. I draw from my memories; I’ve written about moments with my family from the slightly foggy past and from the very real present. My family talks a lot—about politics, and race, and the police. My father is fixated on current events and issues, to the point of unhappiness, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….Many arguments in this piece unfolded as I was writing it, so all I had to do was record. I realized that I didn’t need to consciously tackle the big questions, like what it means to be a police officer in a society filled with opinions on the police, because my father is constantly monologuing….Fully fleshed monologues with arcs and movement and anecdotes. Maybe he’s always been like this. Or maybe I’m the first person to listen to him.


English Language and Literature

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