I Heard a Little Birdie Softly Screaming

Graduation Year


Publication Date

Spring 2018


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The project consists of a compilation of secrets, ranging from strange to unexceptional, in the form of poetry and short, poetic, prose pieces. Even our most public figures have private lives, and even within those lives, there are private thoughts unheard by even the most trusted ear. There is a constant struggle over how much privacy should be allowed, and people often advocate to spotlight everyone but themselves. Although everyone lives with shadows, it is still difficult to avoid passing judgement on others for their secrets and receiving similar responses upon revealing one’s own. This project examines what it is that people are so intent on keeping hidden, and why we feel, even under such similar pressures as others, that we must keep information so desperately shrouded. This project aims to consider the multifaceted nature of human secrecy and the humanity it provides.


English Language and Literature

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