Remembering the In-Between

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This novella is a way to relieve the guilt. My grandfather, whom I barely knew, passed away my freshman year of college. Through writing this novella, I have attempted to reconcile the guilt of never reaching out to understand this man—my father’s father. This novella is a fictionalization of the relationship between my father and his father, a Swiss-German man with bipolar disorder, and how these characteristics impacted their relationship. I explored the facets of memory in order to create the story I wrote, relying on my own memories and the memories of others close to my grandfather. By writing about this father-son relationship, I sought to understand who my grandfather was in attempt to rid myself of the guilt of essentially abandoning him in his final years. This novella is also to examine the preciousness of memory and to understand its importance to our understanding of who we are as individuals in this world.


English Language and Literature

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