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Ashe insists that the link between Riothamus and Arthur lies within the writings of Jordanes, a Gothic historian; Gregory of Tours, a Frankish historian; Sidonius Apollinaris, a Gallo-Roman author; and William, author of the Legenda Sancti Groeznovii (Lacy and Ashe 47; Ashe, "Ancient" 310-11; Ashe, Discovery 54-57). In the mid sixth century, Jordanes wrote the Gothic History, where he explained that the Britons answered the Roman Emperor Anthemius' request for aid when confronted with a Gothic threat in Gaul. However," Euric, King of the Visigoths, came against them with an innumerable army, and after a long fight he routed Riotimus, King of the Britons, before the Romans could join him" (qtd. in Ashe, " Ancient" 310). Defeated, Riothamus fled toward Burgundy.


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