The primary purpose of this research was to collect the information necessary to one day develop an environmentally sound and economically feasible water conservation management plan for the Illinois Wesleyan University campus. Freshwater resources are steadily being depleted due to pollution and climate change, while demand for potable water continues to rise alongside an exponentially growing global population. Due to this reason, water conservation is becoming an ever-important practice for municipalities, institutions, and even individuals in pursuit of maintaining a sustainable freshwater supply. Reducing demand upon the water supply of a community remains the best practice for maintaining sustainable freshwater resources. For this reason, Illinois Wesleyan University is looking for ways to reduce its overall water demand. Through extensive archival research into water conservation strategies and the City of Bloomington water supply, in-depth interviews with key informants on Illinois Wesleyan’s campus, and identification of ‘model university water management plans’, this project aims to create a comprehensive report that lays the foundation for the development of Illinois Wesleyan University’s first water management plan.


Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Research | Environmental Sciences | Water Resource Management