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The purpose of this project was to assess tree susceptibility to invasive tree pest outbreaks in a Central-Illinois urban park. Tree biodiversity in Maxwell Park, located in the Town of Normal, Illinois, was evaluated assuming that the greater the tree biodiversity in a park, the more resilient the park would be to future invasive tree pest outbreaks. The Town of Normal Parks and Recreation Department served as the community partner for this project. By determining Maxwell Park’s current level of biodiversity, proposed new trees for future replacement plantings could be identified to help increase biodiversity and decrease the potential for invasive tree pest outbreaks. From these findings, municipal policies could be developed to help decrease park susceptibility to future pest outbreaks through planting new trees that would help increase biodiversity. The research investigated the question “How can tree inventories help mitigate future invasive tree pest outbreaks?”


Civic and Community Engagement | Environmental Sciences | Forest Sciences