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Fall 10-23-2022


The Rocket League and Overwatch Teams at the NECC Davenport Homestand October 23 and 24, 2021. The Rocket League team went on to be crowned champions at the event and Overwatch took third place. Going from left to right in each row.

Back Row: Donnovan Johnson (Rocket League), Cora Kennedy (Director).

Middle Row: Noah Snook (Rocket League), Kade Muehr (Rocket League), Mick Sankowski (Overwatch), Kyle Brandtjen(Overwatch), Lorenzo Parola (Overwatch Head Coach), Lucas Barger (Overwatch).

Front Row: Victor Escobedo (Rocket League), Logan Brewer (Overwatch), Felix Macias (Overwatch), Reyn Kiyota (Rocket League), Logan Bettenhausen (Overwatch)


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