This section primarily contains abstracts for student works that address aspect of Blackness. Posters or other presentation formats are available when the authors donated them.

Representing African-American Students at IWU: Explorations in Visual Anthropological Methods

Breaking Through the Monopoly

The Untold History in Textbooks: The Bias and Absence of History in U.S. History Textbooks and the Impact on Black Students

“I’m Not the Woman You Think I Am”: Reinventing the Black Female Image in Photography

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Through the Digital Looking Glass: The Framing of Black Lives on Social Media

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To Claim One’s Soul: “The Sheriff’s Children” and the Struggle for Freedom

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Race and Film: How Black Panther is a Celebration of Blackness and Pan-Africanism

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Deconstructing Racial Battle Fatigue

Exploring Differential Opportunity among Inner City Black Men