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The film embedded here shows Apollo 8 astronaut Col. Frank Borman's visit to campus on March 18, 1969. Borman is at a press conference with President Robert Eckley (to his right) and Congressman Les Arends (to his left) and then is shown at a ceremony were all three Apollo 8 astronauts and two other dignitaries were awarded Honorary Doctorates. Borman is also shown placing a time capsule in the new Mark Evans Observatory. A program of the event is available below.

This video was created by joining two home movies together; a title sequence has been applied. These were originally 16mm films and lack sound but sound will be added if an audio recording of this event becomes available. Additional information, photographs, the original 16mm film and the unedited digital files created from the film are available through the University's Archives in Tate Archives and Special Collections


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