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First Place, 2015-2016 Best Gateway Essay Contest

Gateway Professor: Joel Haefner, Writing Center Director & Lecturer in Computer Science


There have been many discrepancies regarding the credibility of the book I, Rigoberta Menchu. In the so-called “autobiography” Menchu describes the mass destruction, misery, violence, and oppression towards the indigenous Guatemalan people during the Guatemalan civil war. However, according to research done by anthropologist David Stoll, there is an abundance of inconsistencies and exaggerations in this story. Due to the potential that there are skewed facts and false accounts, this book should not be entered into evidence for the Guatemalan Commission for Historical Health (GCHH). Menchu’s book contains very questionable truths not only about the book’s facts, but about Rigoberta herself.


English Language and Literature | Rhetoric and Composition