Korean: 어리석은 나이 자랑  [eoliseog-eun nai jalang]  Foolish Boasting About Age



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In this traditional Korean folktale, a bird, monkey, and elephant lived near an old tree. One day, while swinging on the tree, the three friends fought over who got to stay on the swing the longest. The elephant claimed he should swing the most since he was the strongest. The bird said that he was the one who brought the rope for the swing, so he gets the most time. Then the monkey explained that it should be him since he was the one who tied the rope to the tree. After arguing, they decided to go by age instead. The elephant bragged that the tree came up to his belly button when he was a baby. Next, the monkey boasted that the tree was just a sprout when he was a baby. Finally, the bird announced that he was the one who brought the seed from way beyond the mountains and planted it in this spot. So from that day forward, the monkey and elephant respected the bird.

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South Korea


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Read by Janette Lee, Illinois Wesleyan University Language School for Kids

About Korean: Korean, also known locally as Kugo, is the language spoken in the Korean Peninsula. It is spoken by approximately 75 million people worldwide, including 1.2 million Americans.


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Korean: 어리석은 나이 자랑  [eoliseog-eun nai jalang]  Foolish Boasting About Age


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