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Two years ago, Illinois Wesleyan University took the first steps toward the goal of demonstrating ecological stewardship. In spring 2000, in response to the passage of unanimous resolutions by the Student Senate and IWU faculty, the Illinois Wesleyan University Green Task Force (GTF) was formed. Comprised of students, faculty, staff and administrators (approximately 45 individuals in total), its stated purpose was to assist in reducing Illinois Wesleyan's environmental footprint. (See Appendix A for a list of GTF members.) The GTF defined its mission as to “assess the ways in which Illinois Wesleyan's daily activities impact the environment; consider successful approaches other institutions have taken to green their campuses; investigate state of the art technology; and, develop a long term environmental improvement plan for the University.” (See

As originally prescribed, the GTF was to exist for a two-year period, culminating at the end of spring semester 2002. What follows is a final report summarizing the GTF’s accomplishments and mapping out a long-term environmental improvement plan for the University to assume a position of leadership in environmental sustainability.


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