In recognition of the need to expand this field from language-only to one that encompassed a broad spectrum of disciplines, the Faculty approved a Classical Studies program on December 5, 1994; a name change to Greek & Roman Studies was approved December 3, 2001. The University closed this program in 2021.

From 1851-the early 1910s IWU offered diplomas in two liberal arts tracks resulting in degrees in of BA and BS. In the earliest years the essential differences were whether or not Classical languages were required. The first catalog shows that students in the Scientific track did not have to take “Ancient Languages” and would receive a “Bachelor of Science and English Literature.” The Collegiate track resulted in a Bachelor of Arts.

There is a bit of variation as time goes on but for our first 75 years, the Courses of Study fall into these tracks: Classical (meaning Greek), Latin Scientific (Latin) and English (with Modern languages being required). In about the 1920s there is a transition to referring to language offerings by courses rather than courses of study but overall, between 1851-1954, there are
  • 29 catalogs that contain the phrase Ancient Languages (sometimes describes courses, sometimes departments),
  • 21 catalogs that contain the phrase Department of Latin,
  • 19 catalogs that contain the phrase Department of Greek.


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