Printed copies of Honors theses are kept in the University Archives at The Ames Library. Contact or visit Tate Archives and Special Collections for details.


Submissions from 2017

Sexual Slander in the Ancient Mediterranean From the Late Republic Through Early Christianity, Jenni Tucker

Submissions from 2015


Pushing the Limit: An Analysis of the Women of the Severan Dynasty, Colleen Melone

Submissions from 2010


Sexual Healing: Gender and Sexuality in the Healing Cult of Asklepios, Aislinn E. Lowry

Submissions from 2009


The War of Images: An Artistic Approach to the Parting of the Ways, Kristin Zavislak, '09

Submissions from 2007


Titus and the Queen: Julia Berenice and the Opposition to Titus' Succession, Michael S. Vasta '07

Submissions from 1960


The Greek Language: An Historical Study, Richard C. Leonard '60