Honors Research is a hallmark of an IWU liberal arts education. Eligible students are invited to embark upon a year-long research or creative arts project with a faculty mentor and a committee of faculty from within and outside of their major department.
Any entry that does not have a pdf attached has been withheld from the repository at the author’s request. Bona fide researchers may be consult these works by visiting the University Archives in Tate Archives & Special Collections; contact archives@iwu.edu or visit Tate Archives and Special Collections for details.


Submissions from 2023


A Semiotic Analysis of Two Linear A Inscribed Ladles, Leah Rosen

Submissions from 2017

Sexual Slander in the Ancient Mediterranean From the Late Republic Through Early Christianity, Jenni Tucker

Submissions from 2015


Pushing the Limit: An Analysis of the Women of the Severan Dynasty, Colleen Melone

Submissions from 2010


Sexual Healing: Gender and Sexuality in the Healing Cult of Asklepios, Aislinn E. Lowry

Submissions from 2009


The War of Images: An Artistic Approach to the Parting of the Ways, Kristin Zavislak, '09

Submissions from 2007


Titus and the Queen: Julia Berenice and the Opposition to Titus' Succession, Michael S. Vasta '07

Submissions from 1960


The Greek Language: An Historical Study, Richard C. Leonard '60