Apollo 8 Astronaut Col. Frank Borman at Illinois Wesleyan University

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This video was created by joining two silent 16mm home movies together which play on a continuous loop; a title sequence was applied and sound from the dedication ceremony was added. A program of the event is available at digitalcommons.iwu.edu/founders_day_docs/37. Additional information, photographs, the original 16mm films and the unedited digital files created from the film and digitized reel-to-reel tape recording are available through Illinois Wesleyan University's Archives.


The film embedded here shows Apollo 8 astronaut Col. Frank Borman's visit to campus on March 18, 1969. Initially, Borman is at a press conference with President Robert Eckley (to his left) and Congressman Les Arends (to his right) and then is shown at a ceremony were all three Apollo 8 astronauts and two other dignitaries were awarded Honorary Doctorates. In the last segment Borman is shown placing a time capsule in the new Mark Evans Observatory during its dedication ceremony.

An audio recording containing extensive remarks made by Borman during a luncheon with the Board of Trustees is also available. See digitalcommons.iwu.edu/guests/1/


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