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The author provided an English language abstract; the paper itself is in Spanish.

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This project focuses on the differences in healthcare systems in Illinois, United States and Catalonia, Spain. The research includes a literature review on the different systems and the fundamental differences in how care is delivered. An investigation of the major differences in the cultural and political approaches to health care and how the systems provide for their patients is part of the study. Another focus is the treatment of Spanish-speaking patients in hospitals in Illinois and also the treatment of patients who speak Castilian (traditional Spanish) in hospitals in Catalan-speaking Barcelona. This comparison displays the importance of language in the two health systems and how it affects the treatment and outcomes of the patients. Also discussed is how the treatment of immigrants differs from that of natural born citizens. The purpose of this study is to analyze how the different systems work and what can be learned from how each country organizes and executes their health care system. It also sheds light on health disparities in both countries including how and why they occur and what may be some potential solutions to these avoidable health inequalities.


Nursing | Spanish Literature