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In recent years there have been many works published on the Sandinistas and the fall of the Somoza dynasty. Few works center on the change in U.S. policy toward Nicaragua. Two stand out: Condemned to Repetition, by Robert Pastor, and Lake's Somoza Falling. Pastor served as a policy expert toward Nicaragua for the National security council, (NSC) under carter.(4) These books do not delve deeply into the ironies and contradictions of the Carter Administration's foreign policy (due probably to their close association with the administration). Furthermore, they do not look into the early history of Nicaragua, in particular, the rise to power of the Somoza dynasty. It remains crucial to look at the U.S. foreign policy toward Nicaragua not only for understanding the current situation in that country, but also to gain insight on foreign policy in general. But, in order to understand fully the circumstances surrounding the Carter Administration's policy vis-a-vis Nicaragua, one must consider the ascent of the Somoza dynasty.



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