In 2013, Mark A. Israel, ’91 established the Mark A. Israel ‘91 Endowed Summer Research Fund in Economics to provide a generous stipend and expense allowance to a student wishing to collaborate closely with a faculty member in IWU’s Department of Economics. Mr. Israel had the opportunity to pursue undergraduate research while a student at Illinois Wesleyan, and his gift honors the faculty who helped shape his professional career. This collection of work by IWU students is indicative of IWU’s vibrant tradition of student research and faculty mentorship. Papers will be added yearly as students conclude their research. Press releases describing students' accomplishments are also available for Hang "Jade" Phung, Lu Liao, Anh Dao, Ben White, Lily Chang, '18, Rowland Filbert, '19, William Gustafson, '20, and the current awardee, Jenny Thao Le, '20. For more information on the endowed fund, please visit IWU Research. For information on contributing to student research, we invite you to contact our Advancement Office.


Submissions from 2020


Determinants of Growth Volatility in Low- and Middle-income Countries, Jenny Thao Le

Submissions from 2019


Second-Generation Mexican Immigrants: How Do They Fare in the U.S. Labor Market?Second-Generation Mexican Immigrants: How Do They Fare in the U.S. Labor Market?, William Gustafson

Submissions from 2018


Implications of Regional Banking Industry on Regional Business Dynamics, Rowland Filbert

Submissions from 2017


Refugees in the United States: Are They Worse Off?, Lily Chang

Submissions from 2016


Determinants of FDI into Developing Countries, Hang Bich Phung

Submissions from 2015


Transferability of Human Capital: An Analysis of Immigrants from China, India, Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam in the United States, Lu Liao

Submissions from 2014


Trade Openness and Economic Growth, Anh Tung Dao

Submissions from 2013


Can Human Capital Explain the Difference in Private Health Insurance Coverage Rates between Natives and Immigrants?, Benjamin S. White