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Duration: approx. 7'

This piece was originally written in 2006 and submitted, with others, for 2007 Research Honors under the heading "Eight Compositions for Varying Instrumentation."

The score may be downloaded with the link at the right, and a recording of the piece is available at the link above.


Vermont was inspired by the great amount of time that I have spent in the state of Vermont visiting with my family. The state of Vermont has always been a very important part of my life and to an extent I consider it my second home. The initial theme played by the first cello is of great importance throughout the piece and is a chant that comes from the Catholic mass. This theme is reminiscent of the old, small town New England churches that I have attended with my family as well as a representation of the importance of Catholicism in my family. The music itself is not meant to be strictly programmatic; however it is meant to evoke images of the beautiful green mountains, the small picturesque New England towns, the farms, the wildlfe, as well as the people that I have experienced in Vermont.



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