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Duration: approx. 3'30"

This piece was originally written in 2006 and submitted, with others, for 2007 Research Honors under the heading "Eight Compositions for Varying Instrumentation."

The score may be downloaded with the link at the right, and a recording of the piece is available at the link above.


People Movement was written for the second session of the 2006 Interlochen Composer Institute. The piece derives its motives and rhythms from the sounds of public and private transportation in Chicago, IL. The opening repeating motive in the bassoon which serves as a rhythmic base for the work represents a group of motorcycle riders revving their motorcycles while sitting idle in a parking lot." The rhythm of the motorcycles was fascinating to me and it had in fact originally interested me while on a trip to Minnesota when I was in downtown St. Paul. All of the other material in this piece is derived from sounds heard from Metra Trains as well as from the CTA trains in Chicago. At some instances the melodies are meant to represent people on or off the trains responding to and interacting with others on the train as well as train personnel. People Movement is meant to invoke a sensation of movement but also of stillness; as well as a sensation of the destination but also of home. This piece is a brief reflection on the sounds of transportation in its effort to move people around our communities.



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