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Duration: approx. 6'30"

This piece was originally written in 2004 and submitted, with others, for 2007 Research Honors under the heading "Eight Compositions for Varying Instrumentation."

The score may be downloaded with the link at the right, and a recording of the piece is available at the link above.


In the overarching development of my compositional voice, Passing Tour has proven to be a pivotal piece. Written in 2004 during my first year as an undergraduate music student, it pulled my musical knowledge from before college and combined it with my new heightened passion and higher understanding of music to create a piece that would become a jumping off point for my compositional style as an undergraduate student. The piece itself was composed with the memory of family road trips ingrained in my head from my childhood. This piece is meant to evoke the type of introspective thoughts that would go through my head while peering out through the car window at the countryside passing by while driving on the interstate. This piece represents the passing of an old way to a new way in both the car ride from one location to another but also through the development of my own personal compositional voice.



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