Daniel Vendt


Notes from the Composer:

This piece was written to accompany a movie, also written by Daniel
Vendt. In the movie, a student goes to class and sees "Paper due Today"
written on the whiteboard. He realizes that he left the paper in his room,
and rushes out to get it. Meanwhile, the professor for the class leaves
his office, and is almost to the classroom when he realizes that he
forgot something on his desk. The professor returns to retrieve the item,
and returns to the class. Luckily, our hero has beaten him to the classroom,
paper in hand. Unfortunately, we discover that the writing on the board
was from a previous class, and as the Professor erases the writing and
writes "Test Today- Open Notes" on the board, our hero realizes that
he left his notes in his room as well, and rushes out a second time.
This movie was premiered on Oct. 30th, 2004, starring Eric Malmquist
as the student, and Dr. Stephen Press as the professor. The performers
were: Katrina Stansbury, Clarinet; Elizabeth de Martelly, bassoon; Daniel
Monge, hom; Casey Brant, trumpet; Lisa Boland, violin; Diane Wuthrich,
viola; Jessica Dixon, cello; and Matt Kooi, piano. Daniel Vendt conducted
for the recording session.



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